Saw The Lucky One today finally

and I must say I underestimated how attractive Zac Efron is. I feel like because of High School musical I just saw him as this pretty boy, but MAN! He is a man. Such a cute movie :) It’s the only Nicholas Sparks movie I didn’t cry in, although I did get teary eyed. Did any of you see it/like it?

  1. oceanofmaybe answered: amazing movieeeeee
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  3. imperfectioninlife answered: It was really good:) not as good as the notebook or dear john but good! and omg Zac looked so hot, his new hair cut makes him look older;)xxx
  4. csi12 answered: love it zac so hotttt
  5. bitch-im-mrs-ackles answered: I loved it! I got really sad like after he came home and was freaking out! </3 :’(…but yes hes a HOTTIE! sexy beast! XP
  6. moriartysbestkeptsecret answered: I liked him in that Charlie movie. I can’t remember what it’s called lol. but he did look good there!
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